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Commerce, Environment & Technology  Division

The Commerce, Environment and Technology Division provides comprehensive legal services to secretariats, executive agencies, state boards and commissions for much of the Commonwealth’s government. Composed of three Sections, Technology and Procurement, Financial Law and Government Support and Environment, the Division provides legal advice across a wide range of substantive areas as well as guidance on matters of employment, contracts, technology, purchasing, environment and the regulatory process. The Division’s attorneys regularly assist state agencies with complex and sophisticated transactions and also represent those agencies in court, often in close association with other attorneys in the Office.


Financial Law & Government Support




Technology & Procurement


Deputy Attorney General:
Commerce, Environment & Technology Division

John W. Daniel, II:  Deputy Attorney General for Division of Commerce, Environment and Technology.


John W. Daniel II currently serves as the Deputy Attorney General for Commerce, Environment and Technology.  The Division provides legal services to 129 state agencies in a wide range of disciplines. Mr. Daniel began his career in state government as a staff attorney with the Division of Legislative Services and then as an Assistant Attorney General. In 1986, Mr. Daniel was appointed Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade.  In July of 1986, Mr. Daniel was appointed the first Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth and served in that position through January of 1990. Mr. Daniel practiced environmental law for 25 years before returning to the Office of the Attorney General in January of 2014 in his current role. Mr. Daniel represented clients with both private and public interests before state and federal agencies. Mr. Daniel earned his J.D. from the University of Richmond and a B.A., from St. Andrews Presbyterian College where he is a member of the sports Hall of Fame.